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Thanks to our years of experience in a large variety of industries, we are prepared for specific circumstances, regulations and standards. Whether our employees are working in a clean room or a steel plant, they know how to deal with all kinds of environmental conditions and are always able to deliver the highest quality. Processes are supervised, controlled and continuously optimized. Using the latest technology, the best methods and a great deal of engineering skills, we are able to remain on top of things - somethiing that never fails to excite us automation engineers.

  Medical Technology

Everybody wants to leave hospital in a healthy state. Therefore, medicine and medical instruments have to be produced in the highest possible quality and purity. In order to meet the requirements of medical technology, we always work with the highest precision, great attention to detail and a sense of responsibility towards the patients.

  Heavy Industry

Although it is rarely a clean environment, we do not shy away from the heavy industry in which we have been working for many years. Here, man and machine often push the envelope and we still  deliver first-class work.

This industry requires long-lasting, proven technology for highest standards. Machines need to be maintainable and safe under any given circumstances.

  Automotive Industry

In the automotive industry, we realize small and large projects and develop single components or entire units. We provide individual experts or whole teams.

This industry requires:

  • highly standardized and complex products
  • shortened development cycles
  • short product cycles
  • accelerated model changes
  • permanent reorganization




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