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Temporary measures and workarounds are not part of our portfolio. When we create your system, you will be receiving concentrated expertise in multiple disciplines of automation technology.

Below you will find an overview of the most common systems in our areas of expertise. Please contact us if your desired system is not listed.

  Control Technology

Our expertise in control technology will rev up your system. With multiple systems in our portfolio, we provide self-contained system programming for your desired system, but not with off-the-peg software. Our solutions are custom-made for your individual system.


We use: B&R, Siemens (S7 TIA-Portal, S7 Classic, S5), Rockwell (Allen Bradley), Beckhoff

  Drive Technology

There is no production without drives. We offer versatile technologies ranging from a simple conveyer belt to angularly synchronized axes - from a highly dynamic servo drive to a high-performance hydraulic unit.


We use: SEW, Siemens, Schneider, Vacon

  Safety Technology

We do not compromise when it comes to safety, because the safety of man and machine is our top priority. Our safety experts evaluate risk potentials of your machine's different life phases and implement the necessary measures to minimize potential risks by using certified hard- and software.


We use: Pilz (PNOZmulti, PSS4000, PSENlock, PSENcode), Siemens (F-CPU)



The correct visualization prevents unnecessary downtime. You can quickly detect errors and will know where your service team needs to take a look. Our systems are easy to operate as we program the visualization according to your standards.

You haven't yet specified any standards?
No problem. Our experts will consult you in developing an operating concept that will enable your employees to always stay on track.


We use: Siemens, B&R, Eaton, System Lauer


It is not just about producing pretty images, because you can easily get lost in the many possibilities of big scada systems. We provide thought out and steadily functioning visualization and host systems ranging from a simple single-user system all the way to elaborate server-client systems with redundancy or failover. To link databases and higher-level host systems, we use script and high-level language programming.
When you are planning to upgrade your old systems to the latest version, we will find a solution for a fast migration.


We use: Siemens (WinCC, PCS7), Rockwell (Allen Bradley)



  Robot Technology

Robot technology is a drawing card of the industry 4.0. The direct collaboration of man and robot continue to play a more essential role in the future. It is already one of the most important elements of a flexible production because robots execute every processing step with highest precision, speed and repeated accuracy. Our robotics experts program and set up your system to ensure the smooth operation of your robot.


We use: ABB, Epson, Fanuc

  Industrial Image Processing

Quality Control

Our experts in image processing always keep a watchful eye. We offer you a system that evaluates inspection characteristics objectively and according to constant criteria at any time of day. This way, your clients will always receive the best quality.

Position Recognition

Camera systems determine the exact position of the objects that are to be moved and help calculate the optimal travel paths for your robots.


We use: Cognex, Keyence, SickP

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